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Common Questions and Answers about Difference between flexeril and soma Responses (1) Soma (carisoprodol) is a prescription muscle relaxant. It is meant to be used temporarily (up to two or three weeks) to treat muscle spasms due to injury or other muscle problems. Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride) is a prescription medication used to treat muscle spasms. Flexeril HAS cyclobenzaprine in it. Flexeril is a muscle relaxant, used to treat the pain and stiffness of muscle injuries, including strains, sprains and muscle spasms. The active ingredient in Flexeril is cyclobenzaprine. Soma is also a muscle relaxant used to relieve the pain and stiffness of muscle spasms and discomfort due to strain and sprain. Flexeril Muscle Relaxer vs Soma Muscle Relaxer. Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) is used in treating pain due to muscle spasms and other musculoskeletal pains. Flexeril is a popular muscle relaxant that intercepts the pain signals sent by the brain. Flexeril muscle relaxer is, however, not a substitute for rest or physiotherapy. About 1.5 years ago I asked my PM doctor if he would consider Soma versus Flexeril to see if it ... or what is the difference ... Flexeril vs. Soma: Compare Cyclobenzaprine vs. Flexeril, ... Interaction between Cyclobenzaprine and Flexeril: ... I think the Soma is what did me in, but Flexeril works well to ... Difference between soma and flexeril which is a more potent drug, soma 350 or flexeril ## The Soma is much more potent and effective as a muscle relaxant. The Flexeril tends to be . 1 Answer - Posted in: flexeril, soma, migraine, muscle spasm - Answer: Hello, Soma (carisoprodol) is a prescription muscle relaxant. It is meant . 3 Answers - Posted Soma (carisoprodol) ... Compare Flexeril vs. Soma Head-to-head comparisons of medication uses, side effects, ratings, and more. Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) I was on Soma 350,Dr. changed me to Cyclobenzaprine 10 mg, told me thar the D.E.A was taking ... Many people view Flexeril as a better muscle relaxer than soma, ...

Comparison of skeletal muscle relaxers metaxalone (Skelaxin) Soma Medicine cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril) and carisoprodol (Soma) for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain or spasms.

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