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This is personaly directed specificaly at FD para que es el naproxeno carisoprodol you say the withdrawls of Soma are not bad, I beg to differ!!!!! Doctor insights on: Effects Of Soma On The Brain Liver Kidneys Share Share Follow @HealthTap </> Embed ... Is soma bad for your liver? Side effects of soma; Is Soma Bad for Your Liver - I take the Soma for a bad back, but I am becoming concerned with what if anything that it may be doing to my liver. Any help you could give me would be appreciated. Thank you, Stephen C. Pieratt Answer: It might cause the elevated liver enzymes, but not the mass on your liver. I'd stop the soma while you get an evaluation of the mass. Why does Soma have such a bad rap? ... find this strange or know *why* Soma has such a bad rap? ... impression that it has terrible effects on your liver, ... Alfa Health Care is the agent of a diverse range of multinational pharmaceuticals and medical companies in Libya and North Africa, offering specialized products and ... I have taken soma over 7 years all drugs affect the liver legal or illegally it can ruin your health. Even just taking asprin can mess up the liver so no medications ... Common Questions and Answers about Flexeril liver damage. ... My Doc isn't too concerned about the Soma affecting my liver so that ... you need your liver checked for ... Liver and Kidneys. Carisoprodol is broken down in the liver and the kidneys so these organs receive the most stress as a result of abuse. If a person has impaired liver or kidney function, they may accumulate too much of the drug in the body and unintentionally overdose. With Flexeril, there is greater evidence for liver damage. 5 Surprisingly Toxic Items to Your Liver. ... Love your Liver ... My friends husband was told my his MD that white potatoes are really bad for your liver but it ...

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