Who We Advise

Shared Values, Long-Term Relationships

Our clients inspire us, and we are privileged to work with them.

They are positive, values-based, successful and goal-oriented. They ask good questions. They seek thoughtful advice and value working with an experienced advisory firm that can truly contribute to their quality of life. They seek the comprehensive approach we bring to each client relationship. While some would say they “couldn’t do this on their own,” a common denominator is that they choose not to – for a variety of good reasons.

More specifically, they include individuals, couples, widow(er)s and their families. Often our work together began in response to a significant life transition. We count several multi-generational families as clients where one generation has asked us to work with another – both older and younger! Or to work with their siblings, colleagues or lifelong friends. We are especially grateful to receive such referrals.

We have clients both in Minnesota and with primary residences throughout the U.S. as well as several foreign countries. Some previously lived in the Upper Midwest and have continued their relationship with us. Others sought us out after reading our published writings or research. Surprisingly, perhaps, some we have yet to meet. About a third are currently retired and a similar number plan to be in the next five years.